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IP68 waterproof inline pushbutton switches phurse in adopted importing raw material and processed,The LED lamp will be lighting when power the mean time ,it can be input the cable of 18AWG at one side or both sides.and the male and female can be matched according to your is your best choise for this kind of portable switch buttons which could apply for various outside equipments.And the length of cable can be customization ,Pls refer to the details below:
1.IP68 Waterproof function.
2.With blue led lamp and the voltage is 12V-24v.
3. 4A is the top current.
4.The switch's voltage is the range of 220V-250V.
5.Standare length of 18AWG cable is 120cm,60cm input and 60cm output which can be male and female conectors.
6.It can be usig in raining days ,but cann't be using in deep water.
7.Standare weight is 55g.
8.For more relevent informations,pls click the link

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