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           TOPSHALL(DONGGUAN)ELECTRONICS&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD major in electronic products of manufacturing, Importing and exproting, such as Piezo switches, metal pushbuttons, waterproof pushbutton switches, Illuminated tact switches, Rocker switches, Power sockets, Fuse holders&blocks and inclouding various relative switch sets series of customization etc .Most of  the products and components have passed through some national security gauge and some authentication  relative testing, and also gained some relative certificationas, At the mean time, The company's products have operated to worldwide because of the  wild scope of application , inclouding domestic appliance,industrial equipments, instruments and meters, communication equipments, fitness and beauty equipments, medical,aeprospace,country's defense and transportation area etc. In the field of production and research development, We not only accumulated almost 10years of experiance, but also possessed a strong technical group. So that the import and export of freights and technology to achieve to the purpose of international standards. In terms of the marketing equiped with professional online and offline salesman to communication and service globe customers.So that We attentively to let customers to reach the purpose of mutual trust.
           We will continuously dedicate to  renovation and doing more excellence on the aim of quality, service, efficiency and requirements.

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